Technology – Roof trusses


Trusses give different forms of roof, they can also form stropods of roof.


  • lightness
  • simplicity
  • high load capacity
  • the speed of make of the repeatable structure
  • no need to make a concrete ceiling
  • low cost of ceiling and roof construction
  • the possibility of free interior design due to the lack of support columns and support walls
  • quick and easy to assembly
  • long life of the construction


Different shapes of trusses allow any modeling of the roof.

ATTIC TRUSSES used in buildings with a utility loft (gable roof).

MANSARD TRUSSUS used in buildings with a utility loft. It gives you the opportunity to design windows in the attic wall. They are great as superstructures on flat roofs.

FINK TRUSSES used at spans of up to 30 m. Reduces costs as the bottom belt replaces the concrete ceiling. It allows you to any shaping of the walls inside the building (no need for support walls).

These TRUSSES are used to construct undercut ceilings.

FRAME TRUSSES used for prefabrication of halls.