and architectural

The HANTVERKARPOOLEN INTERIOR company carries out construction and architectural designs ready to obtain a building permit.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN for the building permit is prepared after detailed arrangements with the client. For its implementation, the investor is obliged to provide the following documents:

  • map for design purposes
  • an excerpt and an excerpt from the spatial development plan or a decision on development conditions

We make all arrangements necessary to approve the project.



It is made using a specialized engineering application. The constructor creates a project and optimizes it by selecting the appropriate construction solutions, type and arrangement of trusses, sawn timber cross-sections and the appropriate type of barbed plates.

The program enables simulation of loads. The constructor can create the most dangerous variant for the structure – simulation of the maximum load in order to calculate the strength of sawn timber as well as connectors and knots. The constructor analyzes internal forces, selects the appropriate type of plate (its size and spike length) and calculates its optimal arrangement. Then, he prepares an accurate valuation of the project for the client. The customer has the opportunity to view the project in 3D.

After the project has been approved by the investor, project documentation and detailed production documentation are created.


Opening projects in 3D requires additional software on your computer. Please use the following programs that must be downloaded and installed on your computer.


All projects contain numbers and the program with which to open them.

1.wiązary chlewnia
2. dom szkielet drewniany
3. dom szkielet drewniany
4. wiązary dwuspadowy mieszkalny
5. strop drewniany market
6. wiązary wielospadowy mieszkalny
7. wiązary kopertowy mieszkalny
8. dom szkielet drewniany
9. hala ramowa ujeżdżalnia
10. wiązary wielospadowy kaplica