Constructions – Scandinavian wood

Scandinavian wood

We are a direct importer of Scandinavian dried wood from northern Sweden. Scandinavian wood exceeds the quality of domestic wood mainly due to the climate in which it grows. The wood has a larger grain because the annual increments are smaller. For this reason, it has a denser structure and is harder, and thus the strength properties of the wood are greater.

The correct technology of wood processing and processing it into a product suitable for use as construction timber means that we are dealing with a very high quality product. This is very important in the current technology of building roofs and houses, where tightness is one of the most important factors in order to maintain energy-saving and passive conditions and to meet statutory standards.


Drying worms the wood. High temperature destroys all kinds of microorganisms. Removal of water prevents further development of microorganisms, increases the resistance of wood to any fungus, and compliance with the appropriate requirements completely eliminates such a threat. Dried wood is harder, increasing its resistance to deflection and all kinds of deformation.

The use of high-quality wood structures eliminates, among others, risk of cracking drywall.


Planing is an important factor in the fire resistance of wood. Planed wood is flame-retardant, fire slides over the sanded smooth surface. The ignition moment increases significantly.

We use very high quality Scandinavian dried wood for all our prefabricated elements, which guarantees a long service life of our products.

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You are an investor, think about what is most important to you. Remember that the structure is the most important element of any construction in terms of the rules of building mechanics. The durability of your object depends on its quality. Trusses, beams, ceilings and load-bearing walls are among the most important structural elements. Do it right!